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Gunpowder Depot - the space of inspiration

Sound workshop - improvisational music performance - event for the audience (in accordance with current and valid recommendations for holding events and gathering the audience) - explores the sound potentials of the space of exceptional acoustics, nurturing the audience for the contemporary and modern classical and improvisational music, exploring a combination of musicals instruments with other sound sources.
The musicians used the space of the gunpowder depot "Josif" in the suburbs of Petrovaradin fortress as inspiration for musical improvisation.

    INITIATIVE, Petrovaradin Fortress Suburbium

     Advocacy campaign in “Gradić” - Petrovaradin Fortress Suburbium urban area - is first segment of greater project “Initiative”, with which we - together with local community and according to their needs - wish to initiate permanent changes, organising cultural and other events and improving infrastructure for those events as a start. Also, through the project it is planned to further advocate removal of motor traffic from Suburbium. 

    First segment of the project consists of meetings with the local community, defining problems, needs and wishes of the community, followed by mutual planning and realisation of one cultural event on Powder magazine “Joseph” - part of cultural monument Petrovaradin Fortress. Also, during the first segment, possibilities of citizens organizing and successful local initiatives will be presented to the community. 

    The project is supported by “British Council” Belgrade and “Trag Foundation”, through “Improving Citizens’ Engagement on Issues of Public Interest” program.  

      Public presentation of works of storytelling workshop / Gradić in focus

      "Stories, narratives, and storytelling are central aspects of all cultures. Stories provide people with a sense of history, a sense of community, a sense of generations, a sensitivity to oral language and its importance to heritage. They play an important role in how other nations see us and how we see ourselves."

      Public presentation of works from storytelling workshop - Gradić in focus - was a part of the much larger project of Art Association INBOX – Creative Center PROSTOR and MeltingPro organisations "Stories behind cities". The Storytelling workshop was held online. 
      Katarina Dajč and Bojana Karavidić, both participants of the workshop, presented the video stories - results of a workshop - in Creative Center Prostor. The Stories were all inspired by Petrovaradin Fortress especially its Lower town - Gradić. 

        Tandem for Culture; Rijeka, Novi Sad, Leeuwarden, Dudelange

        Participation in year-long program “Tandem cultural capitals” consisting of multiple activities held in several places; 

        Rijeka, Republic of Croatia - presenting “Scenatoria” and partnering with one from other participant Organisations, depending on mutual interests and field of work, ideas brainstorming for mutual future project; 

        Dudelange, Luxembourg - working visit: development of “Spaceformers” project with partnering Organisation, meetings with local cultural scene, representatives of different institutions, City, Province and ministry of Culture; 

        Leeuwarden, Netherlands - meeting of all participating Organisations, extremely successful presentation of project idea, several other Organisations decided to join project development; 

        Project “Spaceformers” is currently being planned and financing structure is being developed.

        Make a Move - Rijeka Lab, Rijeka, Republic of Croatia

        Creative Europe project “Lab in Rijeka - Theatre practice in specific locations and audience”. MAM - Rijeka Lab is part of the project “MAKE A MOVE - Artistic incubator for contemporary European non-institutionalized and independent theatre”, for independent theatre practitioners whose practice is within contemporary theatre practices. 

        Member of “Scenatoria” took part in creation of one intervention in public space and presented “Scenatoria” Organisation to other participants as well as experts from the Creative Europe team; she also had meetings with potential partners for future projects and established one partnership. 

        Recikptura - Novi Sad

        “Recikptura” is a project realised with artist Dejan Jankov, and was dealing with contemporary sculptural artistry and its prospective role in public spaces. “Recikptura” is complex word made of terms “recycling” and “sculpture”.   

        Project consisted of several segments - theory and visual workshops, followed by making of artworks - sculptures, and an exhibition where they were presented. 

        Project was supported by Novi Sad City Administration for culture, Creative center “Prostor” and cultural station “Svilara”. “Recikptura” was realised under patronage of “Jugopan” doo Company from Novi Sad.

        EFD / European Fortress Day 2019

        Activity through which, together with experts, we celebrate fortified architecture and history, and discover more about Suburbium and Petrovaradin fortress. Second year in a row, European Federation of Fortified Sites (EFFORTS) from Brussels organises European Fortress Day. In Serbia, “Scenatoria” is the only one that marks this day and in such manner supports the initiative for proclamation of European Fortresses Day. Through lecture and walk around Suburbium, expert - sociologist Ilija Galonja has presented the XIX century Petrovaradin, from letters of British playwright and travel writer John Palgrave Simpson and from “History of Srem and Petrovaradin” - book by Franz Schams.    

        Research - Influence of the title European Capital of Culture on the planning of cultural development of Novi Sad

        Cultural development planning is increasingly realized with the participation of as many actors from the cultural field as possible. The title of European Capital of Culture is an initiative that advocates the inclusion of actors in the cultural field. This research sought to determine what forms of involvement are present in cultural planning in Novi Sad. This was done by analyzing participatory methods and identifying the actors involved, as well as by analyzing the values that are communicated through the strategic document and the EPC application book.


        Certificate of Acknowledgment from Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Novi Sad

        “Scenatoria” Organisation is recognized as an important citizen initiative which - through its activities contributes to promotion and protection of the built heritage of the City of Novi Sad. To thank for this engagement and commitment, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Novi Sad - ZZSKGNS - gave a Certificate of Acknowledgement  to “Scenatoria '' Organisation, during Ceremony - Celebration of 35 years of Institute. 

        First EFD / European Fortress Day

        First time organised activity through which, together with experts, we celebrate fortified architecture and history, and discover more about Suburbium and Petrovaradin fortress. Initiative of European Federation of Fortified Sites (EFFORTS) from Brussels lead to organising of European Fortress Day. In Serbia, “Scenatoria” is the only one that marks this day and in such manner supports the initiative for proclamation of European Fortresses Day. Through lecture and walk around Suburbium, we have presented less known stories about Fortress and Petrovaradin.


        “Case Petrovaradin” is a scientific, research and educational project of Europa Nostra Serbia, that consisted of several segments. First segment was research, within which “Scenatoria” did research about “Purposes of space of protected area of Petrovaradin Fortress” through analysis of whole available planning documentation (General, Special, Regulational and any other plan that in some way treats protected Area of Petrovaradin Fortress and wider protected area) and a survey “Protected area - Analyses of purposes, uses and users of space of cultural monument Petrovaradin Fortress” done with residents and users of space within protected area, that was aimed at determining problems, needs, attitudes and plans of owners and users of space; Preliminary results of research were presented at Academy “Case Petrovaradin”, where lecturers and participants from around the world exchanged experiences, experts from fields of Historical Urban Landscapes management and built heritage; Within Academy Katarina Dajč from “Scenatoria” lead expert walk around Petrovaradin Suburbium for participants, lecturers and guests of Academy. Complete work - all researches, final results and recommendations from the Academy - will be presented in a book that is about to be published and promoted. 

        Results of this survey inspired ideas for next projects - now in development or realisation, like “Initiative”.  

          Divan 2021 - Walks through heritage - participation in Divan conversation

          Katarina Dajč, founder and president of “Scentoria” took part in discussion - “Divan” about “Walks through heritage” - program area of ECoC Novi Sad 2021, sharing expertise with experts from similar organisations and initiatives from other European countries.  

          Walk around Old shunting station with stokehold - Progres on Shunting station

          Presenting unique space of Old shunting station on Europe Bulevard in Novi Sad, through all day complex program aimed at all categories of audience: children, students, citizens, colleagues and experts, people interested in history of Novi Sad, railway and built (industrial) heritage, fans of circus and acrobatics, and others. This peculiar urban area is closed and locked, unavailable to the public, so this was a unique opportunity to see and learn about architecture and industrial history of Novi Sad.   

          Project was cooperation of several organisations and institutions, including “Creative drive / propulsion”, Katarina Maksimov from Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Novi Sad, Vojvodinian society for railway, vocal-instrumental-group Esoteric experience and others

          “The stories of Suburbum” - walk and promotion of illustrated map, and walk and visit to the exhibition about “Suburbium” restoration

          Walk along one of the possible map routes, and promotion of map through presentation of “Stories of Suburbium”. Map is designed so that one can use it on its own, in walk and discovery of Suburbium. Map is made in cooperation with architect and illustrator Sonja Bajić.  

          Another educational walk was organized in cooperation with architect-conservationist Katarina Maksimov, as support to example of good practice, with presentation of current results in restoration of Petrovaradin Suburbium. 

          Walk through the fortress "From visible to engaged"

          In a walk with participants, lecturers and organizers of the first residential Next Generation Program for young artists active in the field of performing arts for young audiences entitled "Limitations and challenges in the performing arts for children and youth" we had the opportunity to present the spaces we revived by performing arts - the invisible heritage of the Petrovaradin Fortress and to inspire them to work independently in the field of ambient theater. This program is organized by the Assitej Serbia Association for the Development of Theater for Children and Youth for young professional artists who are interested in research, promotion of creativity for young audiences, as well as personal artistic and professional development and connecting with colleagues from the region and the world. During the walk, we visited the visible and invisible heritage of the Petrovaradin Fortress and the ambiences that represent a great challenge and inspiration.

          Walk through the fortress with the scouts of the

          Scout Detachment "Ivo Lola Ribar"

          Through the walk with cub scouts, we confirmed the fact that every group has its own interests and different understanding of Fortress, and the youngest Novi Sad scouts were especially interested in adventurous aspects, and secret histories that this phantastic space is hiding.

          " The conference lasted from 15-17 June 2017 and was organized on three important occasions:

          1. The public presentation of the Serbian edition of the European Report “Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe (CHCFE)”

          2. Celebration of a Grand Prix 2016 of the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Awards for the outstanding Conservation Study for the Revitalization of the Stone Village of Gostusa

          3. Preparation for the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018

          4. The Capacity-Building Days for Europa Nostra members and partners

          The event gathered international experts and stakeholders from SEE region and EU, lecturing and discussing various topics connected with above mentioned subjects.

          Before the conference started, SEE heritage used the opportunity to gather its members on annual meeting for the year 2017. "

          Gradić Fest - Program segment “Protection” / “Zaštita”

          The Association “Scenatoria” from Petrovaradin has prepared a multilayered program for Gradić Fest 2017, with the goal of promoting the architectural heritage of the Lower Town, actively contributing to its preservation, and pointing out the fact that preservation cannot be sufficient unless it is a catalyst of change and sustainable use of national heritage sites. After the last year’s operation “Pokreni promenu, budi promena” (“Start the Change, Be the Change”) including music, walks, theatre plays, performances, interactive installations and circus spectacles, this association continued what it started, in the spirit of the changes that started taking place on the facades in the Lower Town, so that the potential of this specific urban unit can be acknowledged and used, and so that Suburbium can shine in all its glory.

          The point where the interests of all the participants in the last year’s festival and of Scenatoria converged was the observation of the monuments of the city’s architectural heritage which had been neglected, as the potential new cultural spaces, as well as the observation of cultural happenings and art as instruments for the revival of these spaces, and finally the intention to draw attention to their value and significance. 

          The visitors to Gradić Fest had the opportunity to see street art performance “Morali”, on Trg Vladike Nikolaja Square, where they were also able to watch two artists from Novi Sad, Jovan Obradović Špira and Aleksandar Bunčić, creating their works of art. “Triglav”, a monumental sculpture in the making, made of recycled plastic waste, whose author is artist Dejan Jankov from Novi Sad, was placed in front of Belgrade gate. The use of recycled materials was intended to show how something thrown away can be given new life and use through a good idea - at the same time alluding to spaces of Suburbium. The house where Ban Jelačić was born, in 10 Beogradska Street, was again in 2017 an inspiration as the most beautiful baroque building of the Lower Town. During Gradić Fest, the house interior represented a screen on which artist Rodrigo Guzman Cazares projected “Pictures on the Wall”. Interactive light intervention was audience' favourite, that was discovering this important object through play.  

          At the same address, in exterior there was a spatial art installation/intervention “Zaštita” (“Protection”), a result of the association’s mission to promote architectural heritage and actively contribute to its preservation. By playing with the notions of protection and preservation, Scenatoria once again wanted to draw attention to a monument that has been recently restored, but which is left to slow decline because of the lack of an adequate purpose. The characteristics of the installation materials - adhesive packaging foil in which the facade was dressed - reflective and disperse festival’s lights, guaranteed its strong visual impressiveness.

          Illustrated map “The stories of Suburbum”

          Illustrated map is an autonomous piece of graphic material, yet part of a greater project - Paper Fortress, whose aim is to write down, record and present built heritage that is endangered or already torn down. 

          General lack of information, scarce existing historical and other sources - plans, documents and texts - regarding period of Petrovaradin Fortress before it came under civic and City jurisdiction motivated us to produce this map and 

          Through interesting stories and symbols that represent houses and their particular uses, historical moments but also trivia, we want to invite and involve people, to inspire them to get familiar with their surrounding, cultural heritage and to responsibly and actively use it. 

          Research and texts are done by "Scenatoria", and the map is illustrated by superb Sonja Bajić, as we always like to involve wonderful inspiring professionals!

          Platonov Art Festival - Voronezh, Russian Federation

          Residential visit of “Scenatoria” member, participation in international artistic residence with focus on (theater) performing art in public space, site-specific theatre settings and interventions. Program consisted of theoretic-research segment and participation in final performance (designing and creating of elements of moveable scenography). The whole festival program unifies all aspects of Platonovs’ creative work, among which are theatre and literacy represented the most.  

          “Crossing Bridges” - Novi Sad, Petrovaradin

          Transcultural project “Crossing Bridges” and “Crossing Bridges Fest” is realised in cooperation with prominent Austro-Serbian artist Igor Fridrich Petković, Joachim Hainzl and other collaborators. 

          Project comprised of interdisciplinary expert discussion with artistic video works, workshops that resulted in temporary artistic interventions in public space, lecture-in-walk and final event, and was happening on several different locations within City of Novi Sad, including MSUV (Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina), Varadin bridge and both quays, as well as Ban Jelačić house in Petrovaradin Suburbium. 

          Within the project, “Scenatoria” did research and lecture “Contemporary history of Ban Jelačić House”. 

          Initiate Change, Be the Change!

          “Initiate Change, Be the Change!” is the project through which we presented our work on Street Musicians Festival and supported the effort of the Festival to help the revitalization of the Suburbium of Petrovaradin Fortress.

          The point in which the interests of the Festival, and us as a partner, converged were, in fact, viewing the monument to architectural heritage as a possible new space for cultural and exhibition events, to serve as an instrument of revitalization of this space. With quality content together with an element of surprise, to reveal an entire space which so near, yet so unknown and left “undiscovered”, we wanted to familiarize the Suburbium of Petrovaradin Fortress to all our citizens.

          Two days, Scenatoria took part at the Festival, began with a public walk, as a way to explore the spaces of the Suburbium.

          The spatial installations “Book of Impressions”, “Kuver” and “Manifesto”, placed along Belgrade Street, enabled visitors to express their experience at the Festival, but also to learn about specific issues which this ambience faces.

          Audio-visual performance by Sodip from the windows in Belgrade Street was the part of the program which included the local community.

          The performance part of the program was concentrated near the Army playground. The plays by the Promena (Change) Academy Theatre “Lysistrata”, “Ručni rad” (Hand Made), and “Talente Grande y tu Madre” (The Great Talent and Your Mother) were performed during the evening hours of the Festival, and were preceded by the “Burning Stone” performance by the Center for the Development of Circus Arts – Ludifico, the circus play “Život na visokoj nozi” (Life on the High Horse) and the performance by the art couple Vulkåi “Dualism”.

          The art installation titled Interactive Bubble Wall was a unique point at the Street Musicians Festival, which gave visitors the chance to become part of the program.

          On The regional symposium “City Public Space – Cultural Use” held at Brod Theatre of Novi Sad’s Students’ Cultural Center, as part of the accompanying program of Street Musicians Festival Scenatoria presented paper The invisible heritage - Invisible parts of the city and how to make them visible - Performing arts as an instrument.

          Water is source of life

          Discovering famous Art Noveau objects and architecture that were built because healing water, we get to know complex of “Iodine Spa” and “Old Swimming Pool”; Later, in Old Shooting range “Eđšeg” (Egység), with body percussions, choir and stage design workshops we created theater magic and send a message to humanity about iportance of preserving water as natural resource and surrounding built heritage as cultural resource, and everything was documented by eager reporters.

          Event took place within International Festival Francophone Theatre for children „Théâtre en Fête 2016“, and it was realized in cooperation with Institut français de Serbie, Novi Sad, Associations “Barabarka” i “Open Circle” (Otvoreni Krug) Novi Sad. We are verry grateful to director of “Special hospital for rheumatic diseases Novi Sad” Prim.dr. Milijanka Lazarević, Cultural center Novi Sad and City authority for Culture.

          “Tell me what to do with the rest of my life”

          Within project “Tell me what to do with the rest of my life” organized by Youth center CK13, we held lecture about performing arts in non-dedicated, public spaces of built heritage: site-specific events and site-specific theater.

          Conference on reuse of fortified heritage in Central Europe 26-27th October, 2015. Fort Monostor, Komárom, Hungary

          Scenatoria presented own’s work on a Conference on reuse of fortified heritage in Central Europe.

          Paper Fortress - memories about a gate

          Publication of the same name is a result of research about gate that exists no more, and gathers archive texts, photographies and maps. Our idea was to closer present topic of objects that disappeared from Petrovaradin fortress and to start a dialogue about a gate that used to be on a stairs next to church of St. George. At the exact location where gate used to stand, we held promotion of publication, followed by informal discussion with archive photos and tea at the “House of ban Jelačić” in Suburbium.

          Publication was presented by Slobodanka Babić, architect conservatir from The Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Novi Sad and Miljena Vučković from Scenatoria Association, and printing was supported by The Provincial Secretariat for urban planning construction and environmental protection.

          Promenade a la Forteresse de Petrovaradin /

          Promenade through Petrovaradin Fortress

          Within 15th International Festival Francophone Theatre for children we got to know spaces of Fortress, we have chosen the best location for site-specific play, we made a stage and played together with circus artist Beba.

          Thank you, Institut français de Serbie, NOVI SAD, Barabarka i Ludifico, we were great team!

          Suburbium experience*

          The Scenatoria Association organized a expert-led tour through the less-known and unavailable Lower City (“Wasserstadt”) of Petrovaradin fortress and presented their work within International MitOst festivals. Visit was narrated by Slobodanka Babić from The Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Novi Sad and by Katarina Dajč from Scenatoria Association; Bojana Karavidić from “Suburbium” Association presented their work and shared maps of Suburbium.

          *Original title contains word-play: Doživite - meaning “experience”, Oživite - meaning “revive”

          “Lilika” Play / Monodrama

          Event with a name “Built hertiage as stage – performing play "Lilika"” - written by Dragoslav Mihailović, directed by Sonja Petrović and played by Maja Nikolić, was staged in front of object of Old Swimming Pool in backyard of Iodine Spa (“Jodna banja”).

          Theater play “Lilika” presents inserts from life that seems to be passing by us. We recognized issues of play as parallel and adequate mean to draw attention to problems of built heritage - that generally concern number of cultural monuments of Novi Sad - and particularly Old Swimming Pool of Iodine Spa, for which reason this location was chosen for that activity.

          Event itself was part of a wider project “Built hertiage as stage”, that was realized by Scenatoria Association, under patronage Iodine Spa, in cooperation with The Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Novi Sad, with support of Technical school “Mileva Marić-Ajnštajn” and Music Studio “Brutal”, with intention to promote young artists as well as values and importance of built heritage thorugh performing arts and culture.

          Photo and video: Jovana Milanko i Dušan Brković

          July 3rd, 3 Locations, 3 Performances

          ‘July 3rd, 3 locations, 3 Performances’ is an event that is part of the project ‘Architectural heritage as a stage" where we first mapped seven locations in the Novi Sad and Petrovaradin area. The aim was to revive those locations with theater shows, performances and exhibitions, and thus draw attention to and highlight the value and the importance of architectural heritage.

          The first "revival" is realized through performances in three different locations: Old Railway Tunnel through the Petrovaradin fortress, a “Josif” Powder Magazine and in the Prota Mihaldžić Street. Performers are three artistic couples:

          Mp Art (Maja Budžarov and Predrag Šiđanin, sound Nenad Kuzmanović)

          vulkåi (Ágnes Györe and Danijel Šivinjski, music Milana Bjelobaba)

          KAP (Duško Stamenić and Milena Pavlović)

          Photo and video: Jovana Milanko i Dušan Brković

          Built heritage as stage

          Publication “Built hertiage as stage - site-specific theater as a tool of reanimation” was inspiration for Episode 396 - “Nights out” - of “Državni posao” Serial movie.

          Historic town as a stage - the architectural heritage and the performing arts as a way towards sustainable cultural tourism

          Scenatoria presented the paper “Historic town as a stage - the architectural heritage and the performing arts as a way towards sustainable cultural tourism” on a First International Conference "Preservation and Improvement of Historic Towns".


          “The concept of the historical city in tourism science is interpreted since the eighties of the twentieth century, which is associated with the paradigm of planning its protection - from conservation to active use in accordance with the modern needs of the people (citizens and visitors). Modern tendencies of conservation involve active sustainable use of resources, and also the visitors’ needs evolved to active perception and experience of the visited area.

          Performing arts (such as site-specific theater) and visual arts could be an instrument to emphasize the built heritage and its cultural and historical significance, and without significant interventions.”

          Suburbium by steps, words and images

          Walk within “19th Salon and Days of Architecture” manifestation, provided visitors with opportunity to get to know hidden built heritage of Suburbium.

          Visit of Lower City of Petrovaradin fortress and her hidden treasures started at Old Railway Tunnel, went further thorugh Army Hangars, “Josif” Powder Magazine and “Wasserstadt” (“Water city”), and ended with a walk along former “Promenade street” and route of dislocated rail tracks in Štrosmajer street.   

          Walk had expert guidance by Slobodanka Babić from The Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Novi Sad, and Katarina Dajč and Ivana Volić from Scenatoria Association.

          Event was realized through cooperation between Scenatoria and Suburbium Associations, Society of Architects of Novi Sad and Serbian Armed Forces.  

          Open Stained Glass Workshop II

          The “Open Stained Glass Workshop” project iscontinuation of ideas of first stained glass wrorkshop held in 2013. Objectives were the same - drawing attention to values of cultural monuments, contribution to conservation of cultural monuments, promoting art of stained glass and new one - starting discussion about possible school of stained glass art in Novi Sad. Workshop was formed and equipped within The City Museum of Novi Sad at Petrovaradin Fortress, in order to support example of good practice - renewal of museums’ atrium as new exhibition space.

          The workshop was held by Miroslav Dajč, stained glass artist, and it was open for. Results of the Project are the stained glass piece built in atrium door of The City Museum of Novi Sad and printed issue – “Handbook for classical stained glass technique”.

          The project was implemented under the auspices of The City Museum of Novi Sad in cooperation with The Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Novi Sad and supported by the Provincial Secretariat for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality and City Department of Culture and City Council in charge for Culture.

          Art and public spaces

          Scenatoria presented own’s work within one of the projects of “Materra mesto”, in February  2014, holding lecture with topic “Art and public spaces”

          Site-specific theater as an instrument of promotion of urban, architectural and built heritage

          Project “Site-specific theater as an instrument of promotion of urban, architectural and built heritage”  was first of its kind that deals with (re)connecting built heritage / cultural monuments and art, through exploring possible contribution of art to revitalization of built heritage, as well as pointing out the need to protect heritage.

          Publication “Built hertiage as stage - site-specific theater as a tool of reanimation” is a result of project realized from May to November 2013.

          The project was implemented in cooperation with The City Museum of Novi Sad and The Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Novi Sad and supported by the Provincial Secretariat for urban planning construction and environmental protection.

          Open Stained Glass Workshop

          The “Stained Glass Workshop” project is the first of its kind in Novi Sad, and first for Scenatoria Association. Its aims were to support good practice - restoration of cultural monuments façade, to revive interest in the architectural heritage and to promote stained glass art. Main ideas behind the project were to establish a stained glass workshop at “The House of ban Jelačić“ (a restored monument of architectural heritage) in Petrovaradin, and equip it so to create a stained glass piece that was later - after workshops ending - mounted at the houses’ entrance door. The workshop was open daily for all interested in the stained glass craft.

          The project was implemented in cooperation with the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Novi Sad and supported by the Provincial Secretariat for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality.

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