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Scenatoria is association of proffessionals and creatives operating in areas of culture, art and architecture.

By conducting practice of ambiental theater and by placing adequate contents within, we expose potentials and values of protected areas. In such manner - by drawing attention to existance and need for sustainable and carefuly planned usage of cultural monuments - we contribute in their active protection. Besides, our aim is to create environment that activates and supports work and affirmation of young artists and experts through different kinds of education, exchange of experiences and interdisiplinary work in the fields of performing, visual and applied arts as well as protection of cultural heritage and its context.

Our previous work, as we assured, gradually leads towards permanent solutions and rises general level of consciousness about volume of problems we refer to.     

Katarina Dajč, MSc in architecture, works on scenography, transformation and reinterpretation of space, opportunities of built cultural heritage revitalisation in order to create new cultural spaces using the notion of site specific theater, new media and contemporary art. Her personal mission is to develop ambient theater practice, to contribute to the popularization of theater art and art in general among young people, and raising the awareness of the importance and possibilities of tangible cultural heritage and architectural environment.


Miroslav Dajc, new media artist and a master of digital art. He is actively involved in photography, video editing, animation, design and vitrage art. He collaborates with a number of organizations institutions and individuals from the fields of culture and arts. His personal mission is to contribute to the popularization of new media, contemporary and applied arts, as well as to promote the creative scene in Serbia and the world.

Miljena Vučković was born in 1983, in Novi Sad, Serbia, where she studied and gained M.Arch diploma. Her main interest and common topic of her all together work is space. This phenomenon she explores through various activities and using different approaches and methods. From theoretical studies, through different spatial intervention and installation proposals, to creating, coordinating and taking part in production of stage and movie sets. During previous several years, Miljena gained significant professional experience in fields of stage and production design, where she worked on projects various in style and scale (theatre plays, performances, movies, music videos, etc.). Miljena actively works in field of stage and production design, as well as activation of built heritage in “Scenatoria” organisation. Her main focus is in perception and “presentation” of space, it’s changeability and limits. Since recently, her interest include light, how it defines, influences and enriches space.

    Nenad Seguljev, born 1978 in Novi Sad, Serbia. A professional photographer working on the creation, preservation and protection of photo documentation belonging to the owners and creators of archival materials, as well as on raising the awareness of the importance and recognition of photography as a historical document. The Petrovaradin Fortress is his inspiration. Spends his spare time exploring the history of the Petrovaradin Fortress and researching and taking photos of its military architecture. Wrote about and photographed the Fortress for numerous international and domestic professional and popular magazines. Participated in several international conferences on the historical heritage of military architecture. Cooperated multiple times with local cultural institutions on presenting the Petrovaradin Fortress and its history. Does not tolerate any factual errors dealing with the Fortress.

    Gabriela Mulaji holds Master’s degree in Architecture and works on spatial planning and protection of cultural, historical and ambiental values of existing spaces, areas and facilities. She is also issuing plans and terms for further development, improvement or sustainable usage of the same through cooperation with other institutions and authorities. Her personal mission is contribution to creation of unique spatial cultural image with all the values preserved, through supporting plan activities and emphasizing on potential and values of architectural inheritage and values of

    the nature.

    Ivana Volić, PhD in Cultural Management, MSc in tourism sciences and specialist in urban renewal, expert in the field of culture-based planning, culture and tourism. She deals with issues of cultural development in the community, cultural spaces and civil society organizations in the field of culture. Her personal mission is to improve the visibility of arts and culture, as well as education and development of cultural needs and habits of young people.

    Verica Nikolić, BSc in acting, professionally engaged in theater and film since 2007. She performs in theaters across the country, as well as in several feature movies. Due to her need for scenic art she initiated several independent theater plays (‘Lilika’ Dragoslav Mihailovic, ‘Tiger’ Muriel Schisgall). Her personal mission is to create the independent scene for young graduates and academics, sharing and collaboration with international theater and movie artists.

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